Luc Dumont is a senior member of Leger’s consulting team, providing strategic advice and client services.  His quantitative and qualitative research experience includes new product development and market assessment, corporate branding and marketing strategy development, customer satisfaction, stakeholder research, communications, advertising research, and usability testing. In addition to overall project administration and research design, implementation of discussion guides and questionnaires, ensuring timeliness of deliverables, presentation of the results, and insights  Luc also plays an important role as a strategic advisor for his clients.

With over 15 years of experience in operations, survey design and project management with some of Canada’s largest and most highly reputed market research firms, Luc is known for his dedication and deep understanding of research needs and outcomes. An experienced moderator who can undertake projects of any scope in English and French, Luc has moderated a multitude of focus groups, one-on-one in-depth interviews, telephone interviews, and ideation sessions across Canada and the United States. His experience spans many sectors including technology (usability testing, usage and attitudes, concept testing), consumer packaged goods (taste tests, packaging, creative testing), and services (service offerings tests, concept tests, creative testing).

In recent years Luc has focused his energies on helping some of the world’s largest home and personal electronics firms develop new products and applications through innovative research techniques. As many of his peers believe – Luc believes that innovation happens when science, art and emotion intersect in ways that respond to a previously unrecognized need in consumers. This requires research techniques where observation primes over questioning and where seemingly unrelated activities, needs, and habits are considered in the final analysis.

Luc was instrumental in helping a global beauty products manufacturer bridge the gap between their product engineering/scientist teams and market insights teams to optimize communication and research methods. This iniatied a renewed drive to innovate from the inside out and created a clear, concise path for upstream product development that incorporates the voice of the consumer.

As the consumer journey continues to change (rapidly) Luc is now looking to the future by helping manufacturers or service providers not only better understand their customer but to also better manage the relationship between maker/provider and consumer. This is all made possible by a new research paradigm that marries traditional qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic methods with new techniques; these techniques involve creating, maintaining, and participating in consumer “communities” which ultimately change research from a ‘point-in-time’ tool (i.e. trackers) to one which can best be described as a ‘river’ of information that is used to drive engagement, loyalty, advocacy – and above all – innovation.